How Can I Donate?

We have two options for donations. One of them is PayPal where the currency is USD and the other one is MercadoPago, where the currency is Argentinian Pesos. In both places, you can choose a one-time donation or a monthly donation. You can cancel the monthly donation payments anytime you want.

Any donation will help this website, podcast, and blog keep growing and helping more and more people.


In case you don’t find the option you’re looking for, please get in touch with us. 
You can send us an email at


You absolutely don’t have to. We’re just leaving it here for anyone who wants to support the project and give us the chance to do more and get more time to work on this. Donations will allow us to continue to grow our team and bring valuable resources to people in need.

Absolutely! And this will be very much appreciated as well. Any kind of help is always accepted. 

We, as a team, work very hard to share all the resources we have in hand, but for this to happen, we need to pay for servers, equipment, programs, and the more help we get, the more we can focus on helping others instead of finding the resources to make this happen. Any help is welcome. 

At this moment we are not hiring, but keep an eye on our Instagram. We will be letting you know through there if something changes.