Here we go!!

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This is so exciting! I dreamed of this day, and I still need someone to pinch me to realize this is real life. Just Wow!!

I can’t start without saying thank YOU. Not only for being interested in the project, but so invested to the point that you are reading me putting all my feelings out in the text. Welcome to the Unmute Society family! Our intention is for you to feel at home, accepted, loved, and hopefully we get to know each other more.

We are releasing our first episode on March 1st so make sure you follow us on your favorite podcast app and on our Instagram. All the information you might need will be there.

The whole point of this blog/episode section is to put all the resources we talk about in each episode in one place so you can take advantage of all of them. If you ever have any questions, we are here ready to answer you.

Ok, see you in March!